The Body: New Track Available For Download (stereogum Premiere)

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“Even Saints Knew Their Hour Of Failure And Loss”, a brand new song from The Body is available for download HERE, courtesy of Stereogum / Haunting The Chapel. The track comes off the band’s excellent second album, All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood, which is available via At A Loss Recordings.

“Shaggy Providence ?post-doom? twosome the Body?s excellent second album All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood opens with the collective voices of the Assembly Of Light Choir, its 13 female members weaving a light, airy hymn that turns ominous as it uncoils over seven minutes and collides with a heavy, sludgy crunch supplied by Lee Buford (drums) and Chip King (vocals/guitar). The core duo mentions being influenced by Charles Manson, Shoko Asahara, and Jim Jones. That?s conceptual, maybe philosophical. They could add Sunn O))) for visual presentation ? and maybe some of the patient, painterly doom details spread throughout the collection ? but otherwise they chart their own expansive course. Sometimes they make me think of godhead Silo literalizing Skyward In Triumph with the help of almost three dozen extra musicians. Other times they?re a focused punk beat-down as suffocatingly crusty and heavy as Fistula. On a track like ?Ruiner? you get Khanate-esque vocalizations amid the elegantly dirty Earth-on-Eyehategod ebb and flow “Brendon, Stereogum / Haunting The Chapel

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