Valborg: New Track Available For Streaming

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?Battlefield of Souls?, a brand new song from Valborg is available for streaming down below (Myspace CD player). The track comes off the forthcoming album, Barbarian, which will be available in 2011 via the band’s Zeitgeister Music.

“I learned of Valborg last year through Tom G. Warrior?s blog. They?ve since become one of my favorite metal bands. They embody a rare combination of aesthetics: minimalism and atmosphere, but with power and rhythm.  A huge Godflesh influence informs the guitars, with hints of Killing Joke and Celtic Frost ? which makes sense since those bands were a big influence on Justin Broadrick. In Crown of Sorrow, which came out earlier this year, this plays out dramatically. The record has no tremolo picking that I could detect ? notes ring out with Broadrickian singularity ? but it is very much black metal. (Interestingly, Valborg identify themselves on MySpace as ?Death Metal / Gothic / Rock). This refutes the perception that black metal is some formula of tremolo picking + blastbeats + corpsepaint. Valborg do use blastbeats and corpsepaint. But even their use of the latter is minimal”Cosmo Lee, Invisible Oranges.

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