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Lovingly pinched from The Sleeping Shaman: Robert Scott “Wino” Weinrich has, over the past 30 years, through sheer grit, determination and above all outstanding talent forged a little corner for himself in the metal world that has become legendary. As front man with St Vitus he played a major role in the sound of modern doom and his bands; The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan and the Hidden Hand as well as his solo album Punctuated Equilibrium have all carried his indelible sound and stamp. So now, after all these years cranking the amps and issuing forth a mighty wall of crunch he has now assumed the guise of wandering troubadour and picked up the acoustic for what is a truly solo album.

At first the concept of one of the leading lights of doom producing a (mostly) acoustic album may cause palpitations but it turns out that below the bearded bluster of his amplified work there beats the heart of a true story teller with one foot firmly in the blues. The opening title track is a beautiful folk tinged air that, from the start, displays Wino’s dexterity on the acoustic and allows him to temper his usual bellicose roar into a more subtle, time worn croon. ‘I Don’t Care’ is the blues done Wino style and it’s good to see that, approaching his 49th birthday, age hasn’t distilled his outlaw outlook on life and rock and roll. ‘Hold on Love’ could almost be a pop tune… if it wasn’t being played by Wino!!! The stripped back approach allows him to concentrate more on creating melodies and explore his voice without such great reliance on the mighty riff.

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