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Lovingly pinched from MetalSucks: Look France, what did we do to deserve this? Was it the Freedom Fries thing? One of the guys behind that isn?t in office anymore, and most of us thought it was pretty dumb. Steve Martin in the Pink Panther reboot? We?re not proud of that, either. The jokes about how much you guys like Jerry Lewis? In our defense, you do like him a lot, and, come on, he sucks. So really, there?s no reason to keep trumping us so thoroughly in metal. It?s just mean at this point.

Already home to Gojira and most likely the year?s best blackened feelings metal album (Alcest?s Écailles de Lune) on top of all the other really incredible bands I?ve mentioned previously from the last few years, you have to go and pull some bullshit like producing sludgy doom-obsessed outre-metallers Eibon, trouncing us once again in a department we had once so excelled in. We?re in the middle of the longest economic downturn since the Great Depression and everyone hates everyone here; the least you can do is let us still have our awesome shoegazing sludgy doom bands. But based on the ridiculous excellence of Eibon?s debut full length, Entering Darkness, it?s apparent that you guys are gonna be dicks about this, too.

On paper, Eibon are the exact kind of band we don?t need: familiar with doom and sludge metal, prone to decidedly non-metal tangents, big on long crescendos. But in execution? good God, is it phenomenal. Eibon get the heavy part down with aplomb; borrowing liberally from sludge, doom, and occasionally black metal (the glowering title track tips its hat to fellow countrymen Merrimack, in particular), the band don?t leave one wanting in terms of crushing riffs.

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