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Lovingly pinched from  Ever prolific Louisiana sludge brigade Thou have unveiled their latest full length, and it’s a corker.

I’d imagine the first thing that’s going to garner attention are the blast beats. Layered over some droning slabs of guitar noise and a post-rock inspired arpeggios, they really aren’t that out of place, and in the world of heavy music, where bringing more and more seemingly disparate elements together into a coherent form is often the raison d’etre, it was only a matter of time before the blast beat started to gain more prominence outside of death, grind, and black metal circles.

Naam used blasts successfully om their neo-psychedelic romp of a debut album. It reflects a growing trend to experiment with the drum techniques and textures, that may have started with Mastodon, but bands like Rosetta, and now Thou, have picked up the torch and decisively proved that a drummer can be a creative driving force within a band.

The blasts aren’t really what sets this album apart, but they’re a mere foreshadowing of what’s to come, as the band lurch and plow their way through the listeners eardrums with 52 minutes of their patented post-rock meets sludge / doom sound. It’s hardly single mindedly heavy by any means, Thou mix things up well with melodic flourishes and flowing instrumental passages, but when they do drop the doom riffs, they make sure their 5150 amps aren’t set to merely stun.

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