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It is high time for a Top 5 (plus) around here and I?m going to do the honors. I was inspired by a recent ?name that tune? moment with Walter that ended up having cosmic connections to Voivod, who are in the UK this week and here in NL on Friday the 13th (for more info see, the upcoming Hole in the Sky festival and Roadburn.

I was on my way to a dentist appointment when I texted Walter: ?Drilling! Drilling for brains! Drilling! Drilling for brains! ? Quick, name that obscure 80s metal band.? Actually, I wasn?t trying to quiz him; I honestly couldn?t remember who it was, and it was driving me crazy because I loved that song. Walter was stumped. Back home I started scouring and although it took a bit of sifting through one Mortician listing after the other, ultimately I prevailed:

MACE ? Drilling for Brains

Yeah! I loved that entire album?all 31 minutes of it. Then I remembered: that?s where I first heard them: one of the Metal Massacre compilation albums. Which one? Volume V. The Mace track is listed as “Marching Saphroyites” — marching what? The actual title is ?Marching Sacrifice.? Was this a typo, or was someone on glue? One of the metal mysteries of the ages.

And who else happens to be on Volume V? Voivod. And Hellhammer.

VOIVOD ? Ripping Headaches

It?s a bittersweet vicarious thrill watching live Voivod footage from the mid-80s.

First, I?m not allowed to join the Iron Gang fan club. Mail from Quebec gets intercepted & interrogations follow. ?War and Pain? is examined carefully from cover artwork to lyrics. At 15 I?m deemed too young to be part of some kind of ?gang.? (Could it have been ?Suck Your Bone? that did it?).

Second, I?m not allowed go to see them with Celtic Frost because the closest show is all the way up in NYC. At 16 I?m deemed too young for that kind of a road trip. (In retrospect a very wise move on the part of my long-suffering parents).

Third, it?s a year later and Killing Technology is out. Not only are they playing nearby (DC), the gig is book ended by shows in Baltimore and Richmond. All?systems?go!

Until I end up grounded and unable to attend the shows. (See below for further details).


After locking myself in my room & crying hysterically on the day of the DC show, Dad relents. My house arrest is temporarily lifted and he takes me and a friend to see?Voivod in DC? No. ?Hamburger Hill? at a local multiplex. Not exactly a feel-good movie. If anything it?s ?War and Pain? splattered across the big screen. To a heartbroken teen this just seems like insult added to injury.

POSSESSED ? Pentagram

If I remember correctly, getting home way too late from this very show was the main reason that I was placed under house arrest and missed seeing Voivod during their Tournado with Kreator.


Kids, take it from me: some curfew violations are NOT worth it. Sniff. Of course, some are. Think critically, pick your battles. Parents, the same goes for you.

Informal poll: if you could step into the magic time machine and go back to 1987 for either Voivod or Possessed, which show would you choose? Of course, the joke?s on me: if I had been living in Europe back then I could have seen both bands on the same night when they toured together in 1986.

And you can be damn sure I wouldn?t have been grounded because when you were a kid in Holland in the 80s going to shows didn?t involve trying to hitch a ride from a broken down van-load of cough syrup-swilling, sherm-smoking maniacs to some dodgy club in a cracked out neighborhood miles from home with a strong likelihood of getting stranded or lost at some point; instead, it was a quick bike ride or leisurely train trip to your local friendly jongerencentrum where they didn?t even card you. Rrrrroooooaaaaarrrrrr!

Finally, January 1990, Voivod. Nothingface tour. I manage to get tickets, ditch class and hitch a ride for the two-hour journey north with a marginally responsible pack of people, most of who were excited about Soundgarden more than anything else. Who cares about that; the point is that finally, at 19 I make it to a Voivod show after four long years.

And yet annoyingly, the most vivid memory I have of that night is not Piggy?s mind melting fretwork or Snake?s contortions let alone the spaced out drums of Away and Blacky?s blower bass. No, it?s Mike Patton scaling the walls of the Bayou and perching way high up in the rafters at some point in the FNM set. Oh well. The man had charisma even back when he was a snotty long haired kid in big puffy white high tops and an Axl-meets-Anthrax wardrobe.

Twenty years would pass before I would see Voivod again. Sans Piggy (RIP).

In closing, for anyone heading to Hole in the Sky this summer here are three two-for-one specials (because you know that comes out to 6-6-6, right? Ba-dum-dum!).

OBITUARY ? Circle of the Tyrants

Note the Roadburn connection: this was filmed in Tilburg.

PROPAGANDHI ? Stand Up and Be Counted

My all-time favorite Venom cover.

ANGEL WITCH ? Angel Witch

Not just one Roadburn connection (where it was filmed) but two: winoguy who shared it. I have never met him in person but he is a dedicated ?burner and I have enjoyed reading his personal concert histories as well as his Roadburn fest travelogues, including this year?s special Volcano edition.

August, Friday the 13th: Voivod at Lakei in Helmond, the Netherlands.
Be there or be grounded.

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