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Lovingly pinched from Possibly not the unlikeliest collaboration since the David Bowie/ Bing Crosby sashay on 1977?s ?Little Drummer Boy? but certainly a collaboration you wouldn?t have guessed at. Ian Astbury, the large voiced front man of 80?s post punk champions The Cult teams up with Japan?s doom laden sludge rockers Boris on this 4 track EP featuring 3 original compositions, sung by Astbury, and a cover of The Cult?s ?Rain? sung by Boris guitarist Wata. The results, you?ll find, are surprisingly decent.

Chunky, to the point rock and roll with some heavy stomping at its edges, this is far from ever being the cynical marketing ploy you may consider it, neither is it a bizarre karaoke-esque shindig for the sake of it. Opening track ?Teeth And Claws? is a solid bonding of genres with expansive chord structures and a melodic underpinning so unexpected it?s almost unnoticed. Astbury?s vocal, though less obvious than anticipated, holds the perfect emotional scale, almost soaring in fact, to secure everything together nicely.

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