Austin Metal Music Examiner: The 10 Most Expensive Black Metal Albums

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Lovingly pinched from Austin Metal Music Examiner: Hessians the world over pride themselves in buying stacks of CDs and LPs at a time. We think nothing of blowing hundreds of dollars in a single visit to our favorite record stores or online distros. It’s expensive enough to keep up with all the new stuff that floods the market on a monthly basis, but when it comes to collecting rare black metal LPs, the water starts to get deep.

Some sought-after releases have sold for disastrous prices in recent years, though the recession has finally slowed down the market. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of records that remain in demand and won’t go cheap on eBay. If you’ve got the cash to plug the nagging holes in your collection, check out the list below!

DarkthroneTransilvanian Hunger (Peaceville Records). Market value: $250-$575.
You’d think A Blaze in the Northern Sky would be the most expensive Darkthrone LP, but it isn’t. For many fans, this album is the the band’s defining moment in terms of sound, atmosphere, and presentation. The cover alone launched an aesthetic revolution that has since been driven into the ground by imitators. Still, for the price of a one-way plane ticket this classic platter could be yours!

Deathspell OmegaInfernal Battles (Northern Heritage). Market value: $325-$575.
Speaking of imitators. Before Deathspell Omega became the ambitious but misappropriated black metal go-to of white-belted record store geeks, they were essentially a Darkthrone tribute band. Their version of it was solid, but not necessarily monumental. This doesn’t stop this album from starting at a higher selling point than the album that inspired them. In this case it might be a question of availability, since Darkthrone was on a larger label with higher print runs.

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