Lantl˘s: New Track Available For Streaming (stereogum Premiere)

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???Pulse/Surreal?, a brand new song from Lantl˘s is available for streaming HERE, courtesy of Stereogum / Haunting The Chapel. The track comes off the band?s sophomore album, .neon , which is out now via Prophecy.

“Over the last 16 months or so, Neige has given us Amesoeurs? amazing self-titled collection of urban-existential / isolationist pop and Alcest?s latest, ╔cailles de lune, a stellar showing of his more rural shoegazing black ?n? blue metal. Finalizing the triptych, he (with co-founder/multi-instrumental cohort Herbst) just released Lantl˘s? excellent sophomore album, .neon.
Herbst handles main songwriting duties, but the overlaps are there ? the sound?s closer to Amesoeurs? distorted decay than Alcest?s airier childhood idylls / fairytales. The songs feel expansive, but whiz by in less than 40 minutes. You?ll recognize Neige?s voice on ?Pulse/Surreal,? an 8-minute track that suggests the dynamic breadth of the collection”
- Brandon, Stereogum / Haunting The Chappel.

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