Serpentina Satelite: Mecanica Celeste ? New Record Sampler

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Mecanica Celeste, the third official recording by South American space rockers Serpentina Satelite, is slated for a September 6th release via UK’s Rocket Recordings.

After the success of their last raved about album Nothing to Say, the band returned to their studio in Peru to record this more ambitious and accomplished sounding follow-up.

The album recalls all the great psychedelic bands from the past forty years, from the 70?s bands like Ash Ra Tempel, Amon Düül II and Hawkwind; through to 80?s bands like Monster Magnet (particularly TAB era) and Loop and today’s contemporary cosmic warlords like Eternal Tapestry, White Hills and Magic Lantern.

Mecanica Celeste is a conceptually unique take on psychedelia, conceived by manipulating traditional religious songs, text ideology and poetry with heavy fuzz guitars, swirling drones, spaced out wah solos, motorik rhythms and delayed vocals, to create a head melting experience of an album which climaxes with the proto metal riffs of track Sendero, giving the band a fresh sounding approach to the well trod grounds of space rock: Serpentina Satelite tried to get to heaven but ended up in space!

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