Album Of The Day: Night Horse ? Perdition Hymns

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Lovingly pinched from LimeWire Music Blog: Summoning the spirit of rock ages past is no easy job. Sure, it spares you that troublesome task of searching out for something new?but who says rock ?n? roll needs anything new, anyway? Night Horse doesn?t seem to think so. The L.A. quintet concentrates instead on conjuring a specific old demon of rock, the bad-ass boogie blues.

Singer James Velde has talked about wanting to make music ?timeless,? but as far as his band goes, that seems to mean time-specific. The mid-?70s birthed that particular breed of electric blues focused on balls and the swagger they required. Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash, early Aerosmith, ZZ Top?this demon has gone by many names, but all the better when whatever incarnation it chooses to possess has dual lead guitars. Velde and crew do, and on tracks like ‘Angel Eyes’ and ‘Come Down Halo’, they do a terrific job of raising up those old ghosts and dragging them through this post-?90s metal, post-new millenium garage landscape.

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