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Lorcan Archer of Metal Ireland recently conducted an interview with Hour of 13 about their first ever live show at the second installment of Dublin Doom Day, set for September 18th. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

With tickets already being hoovered up by the Doom faithful, Metal Ireland took the time for a quick chat with Phil Swanson, singer for event headliners Hour of 13. Making the live debut of a band that have attracted fanatical devotion in the underground over the course of their two albums is no simple decision, particularly when the group is a duo and lacks the full band that would make the transition from studio to stage much smoother.

Phil is himself based in Connecticut, with bandmate Chad Davis stationed several hundred miles away in North Carolina. Pulling over from the chaos of the freeway after a busy day?s work, a crackly phone-line connected Lorcan Archer with the man himself.

MI: Ireland is a long way to come to play your first gig, but HO13 seem like a band that don?t balk at long distances. The group has now succeeded in putting out two very well-received albums (Self-Titled and this year?s The Ritualist). Did the distance prove a big challenge when making the music?

Phil: “Not really, because I?ve really been doing this sort of long distance stuff for a while. I sing for another band in Germany, Atlantean Kodex (epic Metal in every sense of the word – LA), and I also sing for Seamount, who are also a German based band. We?re getting ready to release our third Seamount album shortly.

So in that respect, North Carolina?s not that bad for distance. For the first HO13 record I went down to North Carolina and recorded in a studio, but nowadays we do all our own recording. It?s really just much easier. We prefer it that way, to not be restricted to go to a certain city to record, or by time or whatever. It?s been pretty effortless with the last record.

We actually rented out a multi-million dollar studio for the first, self-titled Hour of 13 record. Believe it or not, it?s one of the most expensive studios on the East Coast here. We recorded it all together but we were not as happy recording there as with our second.

The place was actually an old stone church that was restored in the 1930?s, and everything was recorded under Cathedral ceilings. It was ridiculous how nice and comfortable it was! But it just didn?t work, for our style of music it almost ruined it. It was just way more comfortable the second time around when we did it all ourselves.

I don?t like studios. I?m not comfortable in them. With time pressing in and people around me, ugh! The technology simply allows us just to do it ourselves now.

We can work at our own time and our own pace and performances are always right if you can do them again and again. You do it when you?re ready to do it, then you just hit record. The home equipment we use now is almost equilivent to more basic set-up they had in the 80?s.”

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