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Lovingly pinched from The Sleeping Shaman: First off – what a fucking brilliant name. Why no band has been called Conan before, apart from some piss-poor South American rock band of the eighties, is a bit of a mystery. It is the ultimate metal name, and let me tell you this my fetid disciples of filth ? it is certainly not wasted upon this fine Mersey-based power trio.

Secondly, this is the biggest and warmest guitar sound and heaviest production I have heard since  Dopesmoker by Sleep. No shit. You may disagree. Order a copy and find out. We are talking drop F tuned guitars that hang heavy in the air like huge damp octopi and thud into the floorboards in a sickening wave of oscillating brutality. Thank Foel Studios in Wales for this cyclopean wallop in the head, and particularly to the spot-on engineering suss of Chris Fielding (ex-Agents Of Morai). What a star this guy is.

First track ‘Krull’ opens up like a bloody huge blanket of noise that floods your house with sheer oppressive bottom-end malevolence. Very very fucking thick, like deathly treacle, but also extremely graceful and grand. This is sloth-slow post-sludge that rotates on an axis of almost minimalist dynamics. As the echo soaked and distant sounding vocals kick in you pick up a strong comparison with the haunting sound of the Slomatics; obviously an influence, but not to the point of hollow plagiarism. A minute from the end of the track the tempo picks up and John McNulty bellows like a frosted Viking in the mist over a maelstrom of twisting raging metal.

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(Special thanks to Lee/The Sleeping Shaman for the very kind permission)

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