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Lovingly pinched from Dusted Magazine: It might be a bit melodramatic to say that a man had to die to make this box happen, but there can be no doubt that Klaus Dinger?s passing in 2008 made its realization a whole lot easier. The well-documented friction between guitarist Michael Rother and drummer-guitarist-singer Dinger was both the wellspring of Neu!?s genius and the biggest obstacle to the duo getting anything done after 1975.

They?d already been broken up for a couple years by the time they recorded their third LP, Neu! 75, which both summed up their potential and pointed the route that each man would take to the bank over the next decade. They couldn?t agree on how to finish the tracks they recorded during a short-lived reunion 1986; the perpetually hard-up Dinger snuck out his version in the mid-?90s, while Rother has his say with the version that appears in this box and will receive separate release on CD later in the year.

They spent most of the ?90s haggling over the business details of their catalog?s CDs, squandering years of free publicity supplied by Stereolab?s rhythm section ? which played Neu!?s beats every chance they got ? and yielding thousands of sales to bootleggers. The CDs finally came out in 2000, and it was only after Dinger?s fatal heart attack that Rother got into gear to put this thing out.

So how is it? No one?s passing out promos of the box, so I can?t tell you about the pressings, handle the 36-page tome, wield the logo stencil on a nearby wall, or model the T-shirt. I can tell you that in .pdf form the book is pretty swell, if exactly what you?d expect; a lot of nifty pics from back in the day, some nostalgic remembrance, and solemn testimony by various rock stars whose annual cab budget in a non-touring year probably exceeds Dinger?s life-time expenditures for his dental health.

And I can also tell you without even placing needle into groove that Neu!, Neu! 2, and Neu! 75 really deserve to be heard on vinyl, because they are such creatures of the LP age. They were organized to make sense as flip-?em-over listening experiences and created with the help of turntables.

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