Terrorizer: Rob Miller Talks New Amebix Album!

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?Amebix is me, myself, [guitarist] Stig and Roy [Mayorga, drums],? asserts founding vocalist / bassist Rob Miller, ?and that’s the way it is. It’s not a project piece, if this album does anything it’ll be as a three-piece. With Stone Sour it’s very tour orientated, there’s a lot of hard work, with us it’s a case of, ‘We don’t have to do this, we can take our time’. There’s no great pressure to record an album and tour every single country in the world, we can pick and choose stuff if we want to ? go out and play three gigs in a field if we want to do that, that’ll be fine too.
The whole thing about this process is being very much aware of the doors that have opened to us and having walked through them when the oppourtunity presents itself, nothing has been forced about it at all. We’re no longer young guys who really want to make a living out of playing music, we’re going with what we’re given.?

23 years since the last original material from the originators of harshly apocalyptic metallic punk and the promised new album draws ever closer, following pretty sharply on the rough-shod heels of Amebix‘s recent reunion shows and the limited re-recorded classics EP Redux. But, to inappropriately quote The Smiths, how soon is now?

?I would hope within the year,? replies Rob, ?it doesn’t need that much more work on it ? we’ve got artwork sorted out, we’re just waiting on Roy being available. He’s just a fucking great man basically, he’s an engineer, he’s brilliant at getting stuff down, he’s a great songwriter, he’s a multi-instrumentalist and he’s good at pretty much everything, if it wasn’t for him you could definitely say this wouldn’t be happening.?


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