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Lovingly pinched from Punknews: Amebix doesn’t record songs so much as they build freight trains. The fathers of crust punk, Amebix made a name for themselves in the early ’80s by forging a unique blend of Black Sabbath-style metal and Motörhead-style aggression. But, while both of those bands were heavy in their own right, Amebix seemed to up the ante by tying together the different elements into a singular, undulating, relentless CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK.

Redux comes off the heels of their recent 2009 reunion, in which the band played a few limited dates stateside. Amebix millennia three is composed of original members Rob “The Baron” Miller on vocals and bass, and Stig on vocals. Joining the fold is Ray Mayorga who made a name for himself by drumming for Nausea, which was, in someways, the NY reaction to Amebix.

Consisting of three studio re-recordings of material spanning the original Amebix run, and one live song from the latest tour, the new EP seems to be both a warm-up for newer Amebix material as well as a manifesto. In recent interviews The Baron lamented that many listeners interpreted Amebix’s message of hopelessness while he felt that the music was one of positivity and determination. Of the three studio re-recordings, “Arise!”, “Winter” and “Chain Reaction,” all three feature lyrical themes of change, defiance and resolve.

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