Place Of Skulls: More ?as A Dog Returns? Details Revealed; Trailer Available

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Knoxville, Tennessee doom metallers Place of Skulls will release their long-awaited fourth full-length album, As A Dog Returns, in September. The follow-up to 2006′s The Black Is Never Far was recorded at Lakeside Studios in Knoxville by Travis Wyrick and founding guitarist / vocalist Victor Griffin (Pentagram, Death Row, Cathedral, Joe Hasselvander), with drums recorded and engineered by Mike Dearing.

Said Griffin of the band’s latest output: “The new album, ‘As A Dog Returns’, picks up dynamically where ‘The Black Is Never Far’ left off. Where ‘The Black…’ album had a bit more of a depressive theme lyrically, the new album tends to look to a brighter outcome. Musically we’ve gone further than ever before with dynamics and production. Though all the Place of Skulls’ brand of heaviness you would expect is certainly there, there’s a nice ebb and flow with quieter parts which tend to set a very dramatic and melancholy mood at times to the overall album.

“With every album we’ve done,” he continued, “our growth and progression has been evident, and this new release is no different. I’m really enjoying the growth of my songwriting as time goes by. I don’t feel as if I have anything to prove so I think the writing gets more open, honest, and genuine with every release.

“We’re very excited to finally get a new album out and hit the road again!”

As A Dog Returns track listing

01. Timeless Hearts
02. Breath Of Life
03. Though He Slay Me
04. Psalm
05. Dayspring
06. The Maker
07. He’s God
08. Desperation
09. As A Dog Returns

Formed in early 2000 by guitarist / singer / songwriter Victor Griffin, bassist Lee Abney and drummer Tim Tomaselli, PLACE OF SKULLS ? a biblical reference to Golgotha ? carries the torch of prior Griffin and Abney bands such as Death Row and Pentagram in the ever-burgeoning underground scene of doom metal. But as their sound continues to expand beyond those boundaries, they incorporate intricate dynamics in their songs that few bands of the same genre explore and lyrically reflect upon their spiritual beliefs, faith, God, politics, and the search for peace.

Having stepped outside the proverbial box of “doom metal,” Place of Skulls opens the door of accessibility to a whole other cross section of heavy rock enthusiast. But by no means should this be taken lightly. Their sound is as crushing and molten live as ever and no less threatening than any of their musical counterparts in volume.

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