Album Of The Day: Chrome Hoof ? Crush Depth

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Lovinly pinched from Drowned In Sound: Described by drummer Milo Smee as “a record nobody likes” in an interview I conducted before the record was even released, Crush Depth had already been unfairly, if self-deprecatingly, maligned. Chrome Hoof‘s third full-length embodies all of the dizzying contrasts and sonic melding you’d expect from Leo Smee, the bassist of metal band Cathedral, and his brother, when working with an experimental electro – disco – funk orchestra.

Rather than wondering whether a concept album incorporating grandiose instrumentals with science fiction allusions all fitted to a hefty and loose rhythm section would work, Chrome Hoof have thankfully just delivered it.

The opening rusty squeal promises a rough ride. In fact this dense exploration of technicality and textured grooves is more immediate than expected. It’s easy to envision lost oddball Seventies soundtracks being piped into Chrome Hoof’s heads when crafting this exhilarating album.

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