Official "warm Up 2017 By Siroko" Poster

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Finally we can show you the official poster of our warm-up party, which will be sponsored this year by Siroko. Thanks to them, we will have amazing bands like:

* Sepultura
* Soziedad Alkoholika
* CJ Ramone
* Here Comes The Craken
* We Ride
* Aphonnic
* Parazit

And the best thing? Only 8 Eur plus fees. As usual, this will be held on Wednesday 5th July, inside the festival venue, at Ritual Stage (the big tent). Tickets are already on sale in our website, as single tickets and in the 4-day packs (a 3-day pass and a warm-up tickets are the same than one 4-day ticket). If they don't sell out online, there will be tickets on site, but don't be too late. ;)

To celebrate this, Siroko has started a nice giveaway: if you want to win two tickets and official glasses, check this link:

See you on Wed 5th July!

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