Campings Of Resurrection Fest 2017 Announced, And Beachcamp And Resucamp On Sale

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This year we are offering several camping areas that can suit your needs. From the beginning, our camping has been free, and that's something we still have, an area close to the Covas beach. Over time, we added the Resucamp option, our official camping. This year we keep going forward and we offer you several ways to camp in Viveiro, always keeping the free camping areas, and as novelty, we offer you our Beachcamp.

Beachcamp: one of the new things of this year, it's a camping area right close to the Area beach, with spectacular views and an unmatchable situation, not too far from the venue, and it seems it will be one of the most requested camping areas, with similar commodities to those of Resucamp, and continuous shuttle buses to the festival.

Resucamp: it is located right close to the entrance of the festival and near the Celeiro's beach, You will have services like hot-water showers, WC's, bar service, power plugs to charge mobile devices, parking area (limited), etc.

Free camping areas: area A, located in Covas, inside the Pernas Peón park, at some meters from Covas beach. As usual, there will be shuttle buses to the festival venue, toilets and free showers, near food services and like last year, a temporary market within the camping. For area B, it will be located in the lookout of San Roque, a big area with parking places.

Glamping area: in this area you will find all your needs satisfied, you will only have to arrive here, and leave your bag in the tent. In this glamping area, we give you a tent with soft floor to sleep, sleeping bag, electricity, toilets and showers, security... you choose what to bring! Soon all the info.

All the information about it, in our web section for the camping areas. See you in Viveiro!

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