New Bands For Resurrection Fest 2016 And Split By Days

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Resurrection Fest 2016 - Poster 4 - Split by days - ENG

We are happy to finally present you the lineup of Resurrection Fest 2016 with the split by days, along with 12 new bands, creating one of the most complete lineups of our history and without any doubt, it will become one of the most legendary ones. Furthermore, the 1-day tickets for Thursday and Friday will be on sale soon, for those interested.

The Mexican-American supergroup of extreme metal Brujeria, with past and present members of Fear Factory, Carcass, Faith No More, Asesino, Lock Up and many more bands, will be for the first time in the festival with their unique grindcore and death metal. On the other hand, one the most active thrash metal bands in Europe and one of the members of the "Teutonic Big Four", Destruction, will play in our main stage premiering their new album "Under Attack". From Finland, the party itself and one of the most important folk metal bands, Turisas, will hit us with heavy songs that will make us feel like a party viking. Don't miss them!

From Greece, we have some nice black metal from one of the most outstanding bands from the Hellenic country, Rotting Christ, who have just released a new album some months ago called "Ritual". The Raven Age, support for the world tour of Iron Maiden, will also be here with their new EP, and The Wild Lies, also support for some select shows of the same tour, will give us some good hard rock.

From Spain, one of the most promising bands nowadays, Viva Belgrado from Córdoba, a mix of screamo and post-rock that will show how good is the new Spanish scene. From Oviedo, Soldier will rock us with their thrash metal with southern metal roots, and from Viveiro, we will have a young hardcore band called Tierra Hostil.

The good news do not stop there, because each night will be closed with a tribute band to party until late. By popular petition, our Portuguese friends Abaixo Cu Sistema, System of a Down tribute, who last year performed one of the most acclaimed shows, will be here again. Nice Boys, Guns N' Roses tribute, and Black Horsemen, Metallica tribute, will be the other bands that are closing each day.

After the distribution by days, this Wednesday 6th April, we will put on sale tickets for Thursday and Friday for only 60 Eur plus fees. We remind you that Saturday passes are sold-out, but a 3-day pass include this day with no problem.

Soon we will announce all the details of the warm-up party of Wednesday 6th July, the Band Contest and many more surprises. Less than 100 days for the best week of the year! We wait for you in Viveiro. :)


Brujeria (Grindcore / Death Metal, Mexico/USA)

Destruction (Thrash Metal, Germany)

Turisas (Folk Metal, Finland)

Rotting Christ (Black Metal, Greece)

Viva Belgrado (Screamo/Post-rock, Córdoba)

The Raven Age (Melodic Metalcore, UK)

The Wild Lies (Hard Rock, UK)

Soldier (Thrash Metal / Southern Metal, Oviedo)

Tierra Hostil (Hardcore, Viveiro)

Abaixo Cu Sistema (System of a Down Tribute)

Nice Boys (Guns N' Roses tribute)

Black Horsemen (Metallica tribute)

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