Pukkelpop Sticks To Initial Position.case-study By Professor Samoy Uses Incomplete Information

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The Pukkelpop organization confirms its position on the refunding of the festival tickets and the force majeure situation. KUL professor Samoy, together with her assistants and students, conducted a case study which reopens the debate on the refunding of the festival tickets from a theoretical and academic approach. In her introduction prof. Samoy correctly states that the study was only based on the information on the festival ticket and in the emails that were sent to the festivalgoers. They had no knowledge of other legal documents or elements. This legal position, which is not new, is based on certain assumptions that do not paint the full legal picture at all. Pukkelpop 2011 was hit by an exceptional case of force majeure, after which the Pukkelpop organizers offered festivalgoers compensation, although they were not required to do so. If a legal procedure is started, the Pukkelpop organizers are fully confident that they will be able to justify their position. Consequently, Pukkelpop sees no reason to alter its initial position. Within the same context, the Pukkelpop organizers emphasize that the dialogue with all tickets buyers who did not agree with the situation and the restitution that was offered has always been kept open. However, Pukkelpop has never altered its initial point of view. All Pukkelpoppers were entirely free to decide whether they accepted the restitution we offered. We find that a large majority of ticket buyers has opted to do so. Pukkelpop respects the choice made by each Pukkelpopper in this case.
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