Large Majority Of Pukkelpoppers Accept Restitution

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Nearly 80,000 Pukkelpoppers, 79,912 to be exact, have accepted the restitution the Pukkelpop organization offered after the festival had to be stopped as a result of the August storm. That is 87% of all festivalgoers. 10,613 Pukkelpoppers have partly or entirely renounced downloading their food & drink vouchers to support the festival.

From Tuesday 1st November till Monday 12th December 2011 all festivalgoers who had bought a Pukkelpop 2011 ticket online could download food & drink vouchers worth €75 and €150. To be able to do so each online buyer had received a personal link.

Pukkelpop organizer Chokri Mahassine says, “We are very pleased with the positive reaction of so many Pukkelpoppers. The decision of a large number of festivalgoers not or only partly to download their vouchers and in this way support the festival, in spite of the smear campaign conducted by some, is an extra stimulus to the Pukkelpop organization. The large number of emails and reactions tell us that a substantial group of festivalgoers decided to support Pukkelpop by not downloading the vouchers they were entitled to. More than 87% of all ticket buyers (90% of all combi-ticket buyers) decided to accept the restitution. We are extremely glad that so many Pukkelpoppers have shown they want the festival to survive. Their message is very clear, ‘Make sure there will be a new Pukkelpop edition next summer.’ That is exactly what we are going to do in the coming months.”

Pukkelpop received 52 official requests for repayment; 19 of those individuals have since decided to take the offered compensation. Today, the organisation received a registered letter from a Mr Wijnant, a lawyer who has stated that he represents 350 festival attendants. This was the first communication received in this regard.

Pukkelpop 2012 will take place on 16, 17 and 18 August at the Hasselt-Kiewit festival fields.
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