New At Pukkelpop: Salon Fou!

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Why not surrender your face to our professional make-up artists of Salon Glamour? Why not let the experienced hands of our hair designers go through your locks at Salon Frou Frou? Or would you prefer a fashionable upgrade of one of your old Pukkelpop T-shirts? Why not let some young Limburg designers artfully refashion it with their scissors at Salon Cotton! And since nothing is everlasting, you can add some cool temporary tattoos in Salon Tattou! La Batterie Folie Your mobile will also be fully charged when it comes home with you. Bring your own charger or have it charged for you at the loading station of Salon Fou. SALON FOU IS OPEN EVERY FESTIVAL DAY FROM 14 NOON TO 10 PM Salon Fou: looking good is now also included in the ticket prize! More info here.
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