Is Everybody Appy?

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Is everybody Appy? Keep track of it all on your smartphone with the latest Pukkelpop App! Lost your way? Lost your tent? Lost your girlfriend? No worries! As long as you still have your smartphone, you’ll be fine. Download the latest Pukkelpop App and be the best-prepared person at this summer’s festival! The app guides you smoothly through Pukkelpop and all its stages, bands and other activities - and this year’s app has a couple fantastic new features! For the first time, you can now log in with your Facebook account and share all your Pukkelpop experiences with your friends (iPhone, Android and the latest Windows Phone 7). Once you’re linked, you can compare notes on all your favourite musicians and find all the POIs where your friends are (car, tent, etc.). Even better: the built-in GPS system is the perfect way to find your friends. The Pukkelpop app is also a great tool for checking shows and times for all the stages, looking at the map of the festival grounds, finding basic information and – first and foremost – reading all the very latest news and announcements. Available for over 3000 types of smartphones this year; check the overview below to see if your phone is supported. And remember: the Pukkelpop app is 100% free!
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