Mauro Versus Brazil At Pukkelpop!

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Why would Mauro Pawlowski turn down the chance to embrace another exciting adventure at Pukkelpop? Pukkelpop's only true veteran will be one of the headliners on the Main Stage on Saturday 20 August, along with dEUS, but there was still room for one more show. On Thursday 18 August, he'll be in de Wablief?! tent battling Brazilian band Cidadão Instigado as part of europalia.brasil. Since 1969, the Europalia festival has been held every two years, showcasing one country each time and focusing on every possible art form. In Brussels and in many other Belgian cities, you can immerse yourself in the culture of the country. europalia.brasil will take place from 4 October 2011 to 15 January 2012, showing today's Brazil as you've never seen it, with diversity as the main theme. The musical programme centres around several encounters between intriguing Brazilian and Belgian artists. Pukkelpop presents a preview: Mauro Pawlowski vs Cidadão Instigado. Cidadão Instigado (Instigated Citizen) is from Ceará, a state in the northeast of Brazil. The group emerged in 1994, during the mangue beat explosion, a musical movement based on local music with a contemporary twist. The brilliant singer and guitarist Fernando Catatau is the brain behind Cidadão Instigado. He absorbs all sorts of music, makes them his own, and creates something new. Now that he lives in São Paulo, its cosmopolitan influences can be heard in his music. Jazz, punk, rock and the full range of his Brazilian roots, incorporating all those elements and more into his unique soundscape. Pukkelpop will be the setting for the big ‘encontro’ between Mauro Pawlowski and Cidadão Instigado. What can you expect? According to Mauro, it'll be "tropiradicalia", "groove-based hullaballoo"… An adventurous clash between Brazilian and Belgian genius!
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