Change In Price Of Full Festival Tickets

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geschrieben von: Primavera Sound geschrieben am: 30.12.2014 um: 11:21 Uhr

Buy your Primavera Sound 2015 Barcelona full festival ticket now at the reduced price of 160Eur; only until next Wednesday 7th January. From Thursday 8th it will cost 175Eur;. In La Botiga del Primavera Sound in Barcelona (Ases, 1) its price will be 160Eur; until Friday 9th January and will go up to 175Eur; from Saturday 10th.

Remember that you can also purchase your Primavera Sound 2015 full festival ticket in instalments at the price of 165Eur; until the 7th January only through the Primavera Sound Portal. From 8th January it will cost 180Eur;.

Also on sale the full festival VIP ticket for Primavera Sound Barcelona 2015 in Barcelona at the price of 250Eur;.


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