75,000 Fans ½ Their Waste At Oxegen

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The clean up operation is well under way at OXEGEN with 500 staff on site helping to tidy up after the weekend?s fun.

150 tonnes of waste has been collected to date with the figure expected to reach 500 tonnes in total after the campsites close at 6pm today.

That?s just half of the 1,000 tonnes that what would be generated from household waste for the same number of people over a similar 5 day period (Thursday ? Monday).

The reduction in waste is testament to the success of the green initiatives undertaken by OXEGEN this year and the enthusiasm and co-operation of fans who took part in our recycling scheme ?Bin Your Empties?.

Fans sorted their own rubbish in to recycling bags provided and brought it back to recycling points around the campsites.

Across the weekend, fans helped recycle over 1000 bags of waste per day ? the best response ever at an Irish festival. Some of the waste was then transformed into sculptures by the Bin Your Empties artists.

Geoff Fitzpatrick from Bin Your Empties comments:

?We?ve been delighted by the fantastic response of OXEGEN campers. The Bin Your Empties scheme encourages fans to recycle their own waste rather than leaving it to others to clear up after them. We want to get the message across that our behaviour has a direct impact on our environment and that we all need to play our part in making Ireland a greener and cleaner country?.

The Green Tent Company?s fully recyclable tents were also a big hit with campers. Every single part of the tent can go in the same bin for recycling as all components are made from the same material.

In addition, as part OXEGEN is supporting a number of environmental initiatives from local schools in the Naas area.

In recognition of OXEGEN?s achievements in 2009, the festival was a warded a ?Green and Clean? award from Yourope, the European festival association.

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