Countdown To Eminem At Oxegen!

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While some of music?s biggest names have been enjoying the traditional Irish dishes on offer at OXEGEN, one superstar has been scooping up souvenirs from his trip to the festival.

1. The Prodigy have requested home-made Irish Stew for their dinner tonight. The dance heroes will tuck in prior to their headline slot on the Vodafone Stage later.

Beef and Guinness pie, colcannon and champ and Limerick ham have also been on the menu in the Artists? Catering area this weekend.

Twelve chefs a day are working flat out to feed the stars playing OXEGEN.
Over the weekend they expect to get through 500 kilos of mixed vegetables, 2,000 kilos of potatoes, 150 kilos of beef fillet and over 1,000 chickens.

Leo Nolan, catering director at Nolan Catering, revealed they?d received lots of compliments over the weekend.
He said: ?Last night Dizzee Rascal?s band told us it was the best festival food they?d ever had on any tour ? and they tour a lot!?

He said it took three months of preparation to get ready for the weekend, when they feed the stars and their crew and entourages ? a total of around 1,200 people a day.

2. With anticipation growing ahead of his Main Stage headline slot tonight rap superstar Eminem has asked our Artist Liaison team for lots of OXEGEN memorabilia. The star is going home with an fantastic festival goodie bag packed with posters, t-shirts, and OXEGEN branded wellies.

3. On the stages Diana Vickers wowed fans with her hit single ?Once? and a cover of Snow Patrol?s ?Just Say Yes?.
The petite singer embraced the crowd saying: ?You guys are absolutely bizarre! It?s really good to be here.? After her performance, Diana got warmed up for The World Cup with a game of football backstage.

4. Sherlock Holmes and The Wedding Crashers star Rachel McAdams looked to be enjoying herself as she mingled with fans in the VIP area.

The stars came out to watch each other perform too. Newton Faulkner enjoying the sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire from the side of the stage, as they opened their crowd-pleasing set with party favourite Boogie Wonderland.
The band told the crowd: ?It?s a pleasure being with it?s our first time here.?

Planet Parade rocked the Red Bull Stage, with singer Michael Hopkins having a go on the vuvuzela on the stage. He said: ?It?s a privilege to be here at Oxegen.?

At the Vodafone Stage Professor Green was bowled over by the enthusiasm of the festival crowd: ?This is my first time at Oxegen ? you guys are nuts,? he laughed.

5. On Twitter the bands were recounting their festival adventures to followers.
General Fiasco tweeted: ?That was wicked, oxegen was so good. AND the rain has disappeared.?

Fake Blood also tweeted ahead of his show in the Dance Arena tonight, writing: ?Off to Oxegen with @jesserose and the man like Huse. Feeling amped for this one. Never been.

6. Stars arriving at Punchestown this afternoon relieved to see the sun come out too ? after stocks of the exclusive OXEGEN branded Dunlop wellies completely run out.
Artists have flooded to pick up their wellies this weekend, with almost all taking their favourite new shoes home with them!

***Remember to drink plenty of water. Booze and even a clouded sun will seriously dehydrate you.***

***Car parks and Campsites stay open ’til 6pm Monday so take your time heading home. Check out the section to find out how long it takes your body to get rid of booze.***

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