No Mew In Moscow

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Anna Efimova is 27 years old and a discrete necklace with a figure from the album cover from "No More Stories" reveals that she loves Mew. Mew is the reason, she is at NorthSide.

It's not only in Denmark that Mew has a loyal following; Mew is well known and loved in both England and Asia. But in Anna's opinion they are unfortunately not loved nearly enough in Russia.

"My friends and people in Moscow don't know enough about Mew. They are not big in Russia. I think maybe 200 people know them in Moskow", and amongst those 200 is Anna. She is in Denmark with one purpose: Mew.

She explains that her first day in Aarhus was spent mainly walking around seeing the city. But not today,
"Today I've come early", Anna tells "My plan is to find a nice spot to lie on the grass. That is what I am going to do. That is until Mew play.

During her stay in Aarhus, she is living on a hostel in the city.

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