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This year's NorthSide-app gives you the possibility of signing up for PayBand, see a map of the festival grounds, and of creating your own timetable


The official NorthSide-app has just been updated, which means that besides reading about this year's artists and listening to the official NorthSide playlist on Spotify you can now create your own timetable for the festival.

Moreover, you can read about the different events at NorthSide, add pictures to Instagram using the NorthSide photo frame and also read about the festivals values, food stalls, and bars.

This year NorthSide will for the first time launch a new cashless system called PayBand. To use your PayBand on NorthSide, simply activate your eWallet account beforehand on (formerly BigeWallet). Your account is automatically created for you, when you buy your NorthSide ticket via

You can deposit money on your PayBand before NorthSide, as well as enabling automatic transfer from your account so you never run out of credit. And, if there is any credit left on your PayBand after NorthSide, it will be transferred back to your account.

When you get your wristband at the entrance to NorthSide, it needs to be connected to your eWallet account. This is done by putting in the unique code found on the chip. This can be done either online, in one of the PayBand stations on NorthSide, or via the official NorthSide app. Once this is done, you are ready to enjoy three days of music and partying, without having to worry about long queues or cash.

As a NorthSider the app can also be used to gain access to the InSideGuide, where you can find all the information about being a volunteer at NorthSide.

You can find the official app for NorthSide 2014 for iPhone or Android here.

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