Northside Launches Payband

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This year's NorthSide will for the first time feature the ability to pay with your wristband. NorthSide has, in collaboration with Beeptify, created the PayBand.

The days of dragging your credit card or huge amounts of cash to NorthSide are over. With the introduction of the PayBand, you can swiftly and easily pay using your wristband in all bars and food stalls.

What do I do?
To use your PayBand on NorthSide, simply activate your eWallet account beforehand on (formerly BigeWallet). Your account is automatically created for you, when you buy your NorthSide ticket via

You can deposit money on your PayBand before NorthSide, as well as enabling automatic transfer from your account so you never run out of credit. And, if there is any credit left on your PayBand after NorthSide, it will be transferred back to your account.

When you get your wristband at the entrance to NorthSide, it needs to be connected to your eWallet account. This is done by putting in the unique code found on the chip. This can be done either online, in one of the PayBand stations on NorthSide, or via the official NorthSide app. Once this is done, you are ready to enjoy three days of music and partying, without having to worry about long queues or cash.

I have bought more than one ticket - How do my friends create an account?
Only one eWallet account is automatically created when you buy tickets online, so if you also buy tickets for friends, only you will have an eWallet. Your friends have to manually go to to create an eWallet. So please let them know that they should also activate their PayBand. That way, you don't have to wait for them, while they struggle with cash or long queues.

Activate your PayBand here.

If you have any questions regarding payments, your eWallet account or wristband account, read more at, or call Beeptifiy's customer service at 44 22 55 55 from 9am to 4pm on weekdays.

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