Organic Beer On Tap At Northside

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This year, the guests at NorthSide can look forward to tasting a brand new draft beer from Tuborg. The new beer is called Tuborg RÅ and is brewed on organic materials.


For the first time, the guests at NorthSide can enjoy a cold Tuborg RÅ: an organic draft beer specially brewed for the Danish festival market. The new organic beer is a response to a request made by NorthSide, who is increasing its focus on sustainability and organics in regards to both food and beverages.

- We are very happy to be able to present this organic Tuborg beer to the festival guests at NorthSide, says brand manager at Tuborg, Malin Gardeström.

The new organic beer will be available on tap in most of the bars on the festival area, and NorthSide hopes that the guests will welcome the new addition to the drinks menu.

- We are very excited to be able to present an organic draft beer to our guests this year. Organics are very much on the agenda at NorthSide 2014, where all food stalls will have food on their menu, that is at least 30% organic, and several stalls have either a silver label or a gold label. It's fantastic to be able to follow this up with Tuborg RÅ and have organic beer in the beer taps, says John Fogde, spokesperson for NorthSide.

Tuborg RÅ is an unfiltered beer with an alcohol percentage of 4,5%, and it has the Danish Ø-label. The beer is cloudy because of residue of barley, hops, and yeast that have not been filtered, and this also gives the beer a round and rich taste.

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