Get Festival Ticket For The Price Of 3 Day Ticket

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geschrieben von: Metalcamp geschrieben am: 19.07.2010 um: 00:00 Uhr

Dear Metalcampers

Due to extreme interest in 3day tickets that will be valid for whole week at headbangers holidays, we will start presale on August 1st 2010.

As you all know first 2000 of you that are fast enough will get whole week at Metalcamp for the price of 3day ticket.

Please understand that what counts is the date when money is on our account. Not the date of ordering.

Once those 2000 tickets are sold we will inform you all and will start to sell regular Week and 3day tickets.

Tickets will start shiping from September 1st 2010, not earlier.

We wish you all luck and we are very thankful for showing us this great trust.

Your MC team


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