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Metalcamp 07.05.2009
New Confirmations: Bands @ 2nd Stage!
The 2nd (Dark Dog) Stage of the MC 09 coveres the wide range of various metal genres: From thrash and power metal to black and death metal to grindcore and also gothic metal. The following bands are additionally confirmed: CARACH ANGREN (nl) VULVATHRONE (si) DARK REALM (hr) FJAELL (de) HASTUR (it) ...

Metalcamp 05.05.2009
Warbringer Will Set Mc 09 On Fire!
In the middle of a battle's flames, five young soldiers rise in aim to indulge thrash metal in the traditional old-school manner. Poignant volleys of gunfire, razorblade-like terror-riffs and a stunning thematic concept make WARBRINGER become the leading commander on the bludgeon-sector. Now, t ...

Metalcamp 30.04.2009
New! Band Comments And Price Lists
New updates at the Metalcamp web-page!We updated the Metalcamp web-page with a BAND COMMENTS page and a FOOD & DRINKS price lists page. These pages will be currently updated, so check them out!

Metalcamp 23.04.2009
Metalcamp Shop
The official Metalcamp web shop is on-line! Check the official Metalcamp shop, where you can order festival tickets, parking tickets and other merchandise!

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