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Metalcamp 20.12.2011
Finntroll + Local Bands Confirmed!
FINNTROLL The superlative in trollish music-indulgence: FINNTROLL, Finland's most inviolable figurehead of the folk/black metal scene will take over METALCAMP again. Driven by tremendous humppa-sounds and rapid but also epic black metallic fanfares, front-troll and singer Vreth and his bards will ma ...

Metalcamp 13.12.2011
Machine Head Confirmed!
MACHINE HEAD With their seventh album 'Unto The Locust', MACHINE HEAD have fans and critics from around the globe swarming around them to witness the game-changing aural destruction that they are set to unleash. "'Locust' is a metaphor. Locusts fly in a swarm, but they can't control which direction ...

Metalcamp 06.12.2011
The Black Dhalia Murder Confirmed
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER One of the most popular bands of the new so-called death core and modern death metal genre definitely is THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER! Their furious mix from nutcase black metal riffing, groovy death metal and sreamo vocals has become the hottest shit there is and made them THE ne ...

Metalcamp 01.12.2011
Special X-mas Offer Available!
What would Christmas be without any special offers and such, that´s why METALCAMP also wants to offer you a real special package. Starting today, there´s two special X-Mas packages available in our shops, for an absolute killer price!         Choose between the ...

Metalcamp 29.11.2011
Eluveitie + Local Bands Confirmed
ELUVEITIE Swiss folk-metal-maniacs ELUVEITIE started a new, aspiring and flourishing era of heathen metal - "New Wave Of Folk Metal" - with their output "Spirit", released in 2006, and turned everything upside down within the whole scene. Influenced by Celtic music and mysticism, this pagan circle r ...

Metalcamp 28.11.2011
Eary-bird Package Sold-out!
The early-bird package (week ticket, t-shirt, CD for only 119 Euro) which was limited to 1.000 is already completely sold-out! From now on there are 3-day-tickets as well as week tickets available!   Singletickets: Week ticket: 129 EUR + commission 3-day-ticket: 99 EUR + commission   Fanpa ...

Metalcamp 22.11.2011
Amon Amarth Confirmed!
AMON AMARTH AMON AMARTH are among the real big players in Viking Death Metal and have brought the heavy stuff directly into the mainstream charts! Over the past years they have earned a truly exceptional status within the scene and all the hard work is paying off now. Headliner on big festivals, sol ...

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