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The superlative in trollish music-indulgence: FINNTROLL, Finland's most inviolable figurehead of the folk/black metal scene will take over METALCAMP again. Driven by tremendous humppa-sounds and rapid but also epic black metallic fanfares, front-troll and singer Vreth and his bards will make sure you guys will have a great time at the festival. With their latest blizzard-opus titled "Nifelvind", FINNTROLL could once more reach to delight the pagan fans and abduct them into the world of dark woods and their grim creatures. Nevertheless, when our friends of FINNTROLL enter the stage at METALCAMP, it's time to party! Raise your horns and mugs to mighty FINNTROLL!

Inamte is a 5-piece creative power engine that is not afraid to push the limits. Strong guitars, striking rhythm section and powerful vocals place the band among modern new age metal groups. Creative and hard working band members develop their music identity and style, adding the metal a modern approach. The group is known for their firm pose and relentless persistence on the stage and elsewhere. INMATE members are ambitious, not afraid to confront themselves with new challenges and always ready to make a new step on their music journey. Their music is what makes them unique and turns INMATE's concerts into an unforgettable experience. Currently INMATE can be found in the studio, working hard to finish their first full-length album. The release of their full length debut album is scheduled in March 2012 - "the year of INMATE" as the band members often point out.

The gothic metal band Sin deadly Sin rise from the ashes of the band Evenfall in 2009. Roberta Staccuneddu (vocals) and Max Boi (keys) decided to form Sin Deadly Sin with the aim of raising their gothic and electronic wealth of experience to a new step and mix it up with new influences, creating their own musical style. 2010 Alessio Bergamo (bass), Zeljko Marinkovic (drums) and Mattia Mariotti (guitarist ) join the band by bringing their musical influences and experiences. Sin Deadly Sin's defined but varied musical style is the result of different peculiarities of its members, which are mixed and enhanced in their songs. 31.10.2011 the band released the first single and video "Your Heaven" from the upcoming album "Fall from Heaven". Brand new album "Fall from Heaven" will be released  January  23rd 2012 through Revalve Records.

Morana is successfully taking an active part in complete membership of the band since 2006. Their music is defined as melodic (death/black) metal and it is concentrated exclusive on writing and performing on band's own style and material. Now that Morana, goddess of winter, darkness and death in Slavic mythology, has more than a few concerts and experiences behind, the first album called Too Bad For Heaven is being recorded.

So far these bands have been confirmed for 2012:








+ many more!

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