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Metalcamp 31.01.2012
Edguy, Grand Magus And Madball Confirmed!
EDGUY Tobias Sammet is not just a name, not only a celebrity within the scene, but majorly a true trademark for high-class heavy, melodic and symphonic metal. His band EDGUY is one of the best renowned metal-exports from Germany, who achieves from release to release international-successes impressiv ...

Metalcamp 31.01.2012
Metalcamp 2012 Official Trailer Available!
Watch the official METALCAMP trailer 2012 with a new TROLLFEST song, which has been exclusively written for METALCAMP 2012! The new album "Brumlebassen" will be out in Summer, more infos coming soon. And now enjoy the trailer with the brand new TROLLFEST "Metalcamp Song"... Cheers! Metalca ...

Metalcamp 24.01.2012
Testament, Epica And Nile Confirmed!
TESTAMENT TESTAMENT are true metal legends and their albums "The Legacy" or "The New Order" are among metal´s true diamonds! TESTAMENT and their records belong to the history of heavy metal and with "The Formation Of Damnation" they have delivered their sharpest, leanest, heaviest and most pro ...

Metalcamp 16.01.2012
Napalm Death Confirmed!
27 years of grindcore ultra-violence, 27 years of being one of the hardest working, hardest touring bands on this miserable planet, NAPALM DEATH's conviction, energy and belief in spontaneoust, outspoken yet extreme music is far from being watered down. "Utilitarian" (release date Feb 24), the band' ...

Metalcamp 10.01.2012
Gorguts Confirmed!
This Quebec, Canada-based death metal band, formed by Luc Lemay (vocals), Sylvain Marcoux (guitar), Eric Giguere (bass) and Stephane Provencher (drums), promised great things on their 1991 debut, "Considered Dead", which featured guest spots from the Death guitarist James Murphy and Cannibal Corpse ...

Metalcamp 02.01.2012
Sodom Confirmed!
Since the 80es SODOM are considered one of the most important german bands in thrash metal and also play an important role in the world´s metal business. This three-headed thrash monster still shows those youngsters out there how to do it real good, still killing it! SODOM are more than welco ...

Metalcamp 27.12.2011
Hatebreed Confirmed!
Grammy-nominated. Respected by peers. Revered by fans.  An unstoppable force. Tougher than a prison yard. Architects of positive, uplifting anthems that require and demand crowd participation. That's HATEBREED, top to bottom, back to front. This Connecticut hardcore/metal institution has been d ...

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