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We love music, and we love festivals. That's exactly why we turn Ferropolis, the industrial City of Iron, into a colourful place of music, love and freedom every year. We don't do it alone, however, we do it with a little help from our friends from Germany, Europe and all across the globe. Although we might escape reality for three whole days, social responsibility and community spirit are important cornerstones here at Melt: our environmental campaign MEco and our cooperation with international NGOs and charities are just two examples.

Since 2010, we have also been working together with the international humanitarian organisation which promotes sustainable changes in developing countries with a focus on children and youth. And that's where you come in: together with, we put together a few special festival packages for you to take home. Simply give a donation to, and with a little luck, you can win a dinner at the Melt Festival artist area, a tour of the excavators in Ferropolis, VIP tickets or a surprise dinner. You can find out about all packages right here.

Of course, we have more campaigns and raffles up our sleeve for our joint festival weekend this summer, and we'll post them shortly. Stay tuned!

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