Art Space And Art Forum At Melt 2018

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Art and design have always been on our priority list all the years, and it hopefully showed. Last year, however, we really went for it and created our very own Art Space at the Orangerie to celebrate our 20th anniversary and our love for art. Since not only we but all of you were thrilled and inspired by our new art space, we decided to showcase interdisciplinary and contemporary art there once more. We even want to take it a step further - or more precisely, a few steps - from the Orangerie to the Forest, where we'll install the Art Forum for the first time. In both locations, we promise nothing less but mind-expanding experiences including audio-visual shows, light and video installations as well as performances, opening the doors of perception all the way. Primarily, light and video artist Ulf Langheinrich and Munich-based artist Pollyester will make sure of that.

Focus on: Ulf Langheinrich - Langheinrich, who has made himself a name under the guise of GRANULAR SYNTHESIS together with Kurt Hentschäger, has been analysing and then pushing the boundaries of human perception through light and video art since the 1990s. Alongside "OSC' and the A/V show "FULL ZERO', he'll celebrate two world premieres presenting his installations "NIL' and "QSL' as part of our Art Space.

At our new Art Forum, Pollyester will also celebrate the world premiere of her audiovisual performance "???? N° - A binaural transit Installation" (eng. "Case No."), a performance hybrid which oscillates between video installation, concert experience and ritual practices even.

All three installations - "OSC', "NIL' and "QSL' -  will remain at the Orangerie all weekend. In addition, Ulf Langheinrich will screen "FULL ZERO' on the MeltSelektor Stage's big LED wall on Friday and Saturday. "???? N°- A binaural transit Installation' will be shown at the Forest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm, and Pollyester will interrupt the screening with short concert performances, presenting binaural versions of new and unreleased songs. Sounds bonkers? It's supposed to!

Melt Art Space and Melt Art Forum are curated by Tobias Staab

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