Sisyphos Does Melt

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We created a very special cosmos with the Forest last year - a place away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the festival grounds with even more twisted corners to relax in, hidden bars and an idyllic bathing area complete with an installation. This year we've brought the Berlin club Sisyphos on board to transform the Forest, forest hut and cinema with lots of loving attention to detail. Those who have already been there knows what awaits; those yet to see it will find themselves in a world beyond the rhythm of time. The Forest will bask in Sisyphos' light for three days and nights as they bring friends and acquaintances like Yetti Meißner, Leon Light, Atlantik (Live), Luna City Express (Norman), and many more to the turntables on the completely redesigned Forest Stage.

Check out the full lineup: Andy Butler (DJ), Atlantik (Live), Cornelis & Ole Olsen, Empro, Etcha, Fidelity Kastrow, Foolik, Goldschall & Rausch, Jonty Skrufff, Juli N. More, Leon Licht, Luna City Express (Norman), Niklaus Katzorke, Nomis, Por.No, Shlomniwatz, Tobi Dei, Yetti Meissner, Yobovski & Valent

Der Beitrag Sisyphos does Melt erschien zuerst auf Melt Festival | 13 - 15 July 2018.

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