New At The Melt Festival: Art Space Presented By Toyota C-hr

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For our 20th, we're fulfilling a long-cherished wish and transforming the Orangery into a place for interdisciplinary and contemporary art. The Art Space is a place where various art forms meet, illustrating the fusion of arts including music, light, dance and performance.

The centrepiece will be the premiere of the space and light installation FEED II* by Chicago-based Kurt Hentschläger, who is regarded as one of the most innovative contemporary media artists of our time. Hentschläger's works have been shown around the world since his breakthrough as part of the artist duo Granular Synthesis, with exhibitions including those at the Venice Biennale, PS1 and Creative Time in New York and CTM Berlin. The performance tries to fathom the limits of perception and simulates the loss of the spatial orientation through a skilful interplay of bass, fog, stroboscope and pulsating lights.

The Art Space aims to explore the boundaries between concert, film and visual arts while focusing on issues related to identity, gender and origin in a globalised world.

Further programme points will be announced soon.


*Funded by the Art Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt

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