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London International Ska Festival 01.07.2018
Nyc Ska Legends Added To The London Intl Ska Festival 2019
We are delighted to announce NYC ska legends The Toasters will be playing The London Intl Ska Festival 2019! Fronted by Rob "Bucket' Hingley (the man behind Moon Records) The Toasters have been doing the ska since 1981 and were directly responsable for ska breaking through in USA. For 4 decades now ...

London International Ska Festival 30.06.2018
London Intl Ska Festival Needs Your Help.
Love Ska? Love The London Intl Ska Festival? Then please help us to keep going -> The London International Ska Festival needs your support... We are still in debt to the tune of over £50,000 and need to clear more of it this summer. You can help by purchasing our upcoming Rudies All Around compil ...

London International Ska Festival 15.06.2018
Win Tickets To The London Intl Ska Festival 2019
Here's your chance to WIN tickets to The London Intl Ska Festival 2019 by picking up our superb new compilation - Rudies All Around vol.1. There are 5 Golden Tickets hidden inside the CD and vinyl copies of the album. Each ticket found gets the lucky winner and a friend into all 16 of the world excl ...

London International Ska Festival 12.06.2018
We Need You / Help Support The London Intl Ska Festival
Would you like to support The London International Ska Festival? Cutting to the chase... The festival is still in a huge amount of debt (over £50,000). Over the last year, with your help & support, we have mangaed to pay off over £23,000, which is amazing, but to keep moving forward we reall ...

London International Ska Festival 11.06.2018
The First 3 Bands Announced For The London Intl Ska Festival 2019
We are delighted to announce the first 3 bands to be added to The London Intl Ska Festival 2019 are; Le Birrette from Italy The magnificent all-female 10 piece band have a beautiful feel for the traditional ska and rocksteady sounds. Sublime harmonies coupled with true style and hot original mate ...

London International Ska Festival 07.04.2018
The London Intl Ska Festival 2018 Roundup
Thank you everyone who performed, worked and came to The London Intl Ska Festival's 30th anniversary. Despite the festival being the most stressful and hardest year to put together, it has been my favourite edition of the festival. Judging by the feedback you feel the same way. The highlight for me ...

London International Ska Festival 06.02.2018
Pama Intl Perform Trojan Records Matinee Show Added
Following the Pama International Trojan Records songbook London show selling out / Due to popular demand, we are delighted to announce a matinee show, starring... - Pama International performing Trojan songbook - special guest Ken Boothe - The Mighty John Street Ska Orchestra - DJ Eric Fenomeno S ...

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