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Robyn to play Airwaves!

Here at our  Reykjavik harbour-side Airwaves headquarters we’ve been busy, busy, busy booking some great acts for you. We are pleased, if not slightly smug, to announce Robyn for her first live show in Iceland!

If that wasn’t enough, from Canada we have the totally awesome Snailhouse, Iceland’s very own blues-country-folk queen Lay Low and silky sounds from Reykjavík quintet Rökkurró.

If you’re crazy enough not to have already bought a ticket, available at a discounted price of ?80 / 13.500 ISK until 1st September, you can do that here. The regular ticket price will be ?90 / 14.900 ISK.

Packages are also available directly from Icelandair, for more information click here.

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