Exclusive Interview With Erol Alkan About I Love Techno And His Music!

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ILOVETECHNO: The event is something special (10.11.12). What is your favorite number (or number sequence) and why? Is it superstition?
Erol Alkan:  "I'm very superstitiuos, and I didn't realise the date until you pointed it out. My favourite number is 13, as it's believed to be unlucky for most people, but it also means that it can be lucky for others."

ILOVETECHNO: What do you do before you go on stage ?
Erol Alkan:  "Prepare myself a drink, may sure I know how long I need to play, check I haven't lost my headphones.."

ILOVETECHNO: What are you doing at I Love Techno this year?
Erol Alkan: "Djing"

ILOVETECHNO: Who else are you looking forward to seeing at I Love Techno?
Erol Alkan: "I'd like to see some Dj's who I have not heard before. I'm sure I will catch many of the people playing the same room as me. Boys Noize, Tiga, Vitalic, ..."

ILOVETECHNO: What is your favourite techno track of all time?
Erol Alkan: "That's hard. For me it's maybe "Spastik' by Plastikman or "La Rock' by Vitalic. "

ILOVETECHNO: What do you love about the I Love Techno festival? How does it compare to other festivals?
Erol Alkan: "Well, I loved the sound last time I played. I'm happy whenever I know the sonics are great at a festival. There is nothing harder than playing thru a bad soundsystem."

ILOVETECHNO: Best I Love Techno memory?
Erol Alkan: "Maybe the first time, seeing 2manydjs play back in 2003 just after the mix album came out.. Watching them play Dolly Parton at a techno party was great!"

ILOVETECHNO: What are your big tracks at the moment?
Erol Alkan: "Check out my chart: http://erolalkan.co.uk/?p=10953"

ILOVETECHNO: Do you have any favourite new artists to look out for?
Erol Alkan: "Daniel Avery, he features on the I Love Techno mix album I mixed"

ILOVETECHNO: What else have you got going on?
Erol Alkan: "Just released a single with Switch named "A Sydney Jook' on Phantasy, there's a new single in January as well.. "

ILOVETECHNO: What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the word "Belgium"?
Erol Alkan: "The Dewaeles, they are my brothers."

ILOVETECHNO: What is techno, to you?
Erol Alkan: "Electronic music which celebrates the machines that make it. It dates back to the 1960′s" 

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