Exclusive Interview With Vitalic About I Love Techno And His Music!

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ILOVETECHNO: The event is something special (10.11.12). What is your favorite number (or number sequence) and why? Is it superstition?
Vitalic:  "I don't have any favourite number. But I'm a quite superstitious though."

ILOVETECHNO: What do you do before you go on stage ?
Vitalic:  "I put my black suit on in the dressing room. Then I have a vodka-cola. I give a kiss to all the technicians going on stage and I smoke the last cigarette."

ILOVETECHNO: What are you doing at I Love Techno this year?
Vitalic: "I'm playing the VTLZR show, with my new band and a new scenography. So the tracks will be performed with a keyboard and a drummer. Behind us there will be a lighting device based on lazers and screens."

ILOVETECHNO: Who else are you looking forward to seeing at I Love Techno?
Vitalic: "I don't plan in advance. I enjoy walking down the main hall and follow the flow."

ILOVETECHNO: What is your favourite techno track of all time?
Vitalic: "Difficult to say. I think Snorkel of Maetrik is one of them. But also Wake Up of Garnier."

ILOVETECHNO: What do you love about the I Love Techno festival? How does it compare to other festivals?
Vitalic: "ILT is the one. There is just no comparison with any other. The biggest, the coolest and above all the best crowd from all over Europe."

ILOVETECHNO: Best I Love Techno memory?
Vitalic: "I think the first one. I was really stressed. My live set was too short and I played some tracks twice. But it was just crazy."

ILOVETECHNO: What are your big tracks at the moment?
Vitalic: "Kolsch is my favourite artist at the moment. All That Matters was my summer hit."

ILOVETECHNO: Do you have any favourite new artists to look out for?
Vitalic: "Listen to DRUNK on Police records. Check Pachanga Boys too."

ILOVETECHNO: What else have you got going on?
Vitalic: "Just a few days before ILT I release my third album, Rave Age. Then I will be touring for about two years."

ILOVETECHNO: What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the word "Belgium"?
Vitalic: "Belgium is both arty and fun. Parties and festivals are always a blast. But I also enjoy hanging around in Brussels and eat great seafood."

ILOVETECHNO: What is techno, to you?
Vitalic: "Music is my life!"


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