Exclusive Interview With Raveyards About I Love Techno And Their Music!

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ILOVETECHNO: The event is something special (10.11.12). What is your favorite number (or number sequence) and why? Is it superstition?
Raveyards:  "3,  better than 2/3 meals a day: Nehh!!, 3 wives maybe, but when you got 3 of something it feels like you got a good reserve .. and as De La Soul stated before : it "s the magic number!"

ILOVETECHNO: What do you do before you go on stage ?
Raveyards:  "Neh for yoga .. chat with some dope artists when there is any , and otherwise watch a movies .. keep your head clear."

ILOVETECHNO: What are you doing at I Love Techno this year?
Raveyards: "We open the yellow room , looking forward to this , proud to open for Spank Rock , Erol Alkan, Boys Noize , Vitalic !"

ILOVETECHNO: Who else are you looking forward to seeing at I Love Techno?
Raveyards: "Actually all acts on our stage : Spank Rock, Gessafelstein, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize"

ILOVETECHNO: What is your favourite techno track of all time?
Raveyards: "Not an easy question, we love especially the early techno tracks : age of love, Underworld (born slippy), french kiss lil louis."

ILOVETECHNO: What do you love about the I Love Techno festival? How does it compare to other festivals?
Raveyards: "Very big rave party , UNIQUE IN IT's GENRE , the experience!, the nice part is you also get to see live acts. To the real techno afficionados this is strange, but I Love Techno is already more varied than it's name covers."

ILOVETECHNO: Best I Love Techno memory?
Raveyards: "several, as it's in our hometown, we were there from the beginning. The early (unknown) Daft Punk gig on I love Techno '95, that was in a small venue, Vooruit. I also think they recorded the intro of the eclectronic bible " homework" over there. At least, this is what the "HGENT'- people like to believe. IT maKes us proud in a way ; ) Also a good memory is  when Stefan played there with the subs 2009, insane."

ILOVETECHNO: What are your big tracks at the moment?
Raveyards: "Spank Rock :  Backyard Betty, Mos Def : Quiet Dog, Com Truise :  Terminal, Arcade Fire : Sprawl II Soulwax Remix"

ILOVETECHNO: Do you have any favourite new artists to look out for?
Raveyards: "Dope dod , Tyler the creator"

ILOVETECHNO: What else have you got going on?
Raveyards: "We're working on our first album. More to come soon..."

ILOVETECHNO: What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the word "Belgium"?
Raveyards: ""Home'  ;) good music scene and great audience. Beautiful girls , good food , sleep and new tracks to make !"

ILOVETECHNO: What is techno, to you?
Raveyards: "My youth, and the introduction to all electronic music. It started off with the love for the "homegrown belgian' new beat oldskool 909 style. And the afterards evolution to all kinds of electronic music."


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