Exclusive Interview With Len Faki About I Love Techno And His Music!

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ILOVETECHNO: The event is something special (10.11.12). What is your favorite number (or number sequence) and why? Is it superstition?
Len Faki:  "Never thought about this, the number of the date before... so you see I'm obviously not into numerologie or any superstitious stuff at all, neither with numbers nor anything else...but  I'm aware that a lot of folks are and that there are a bunch of theories around which is totally fine with me! However as unimportant the specific number sequence is to me the more important is what is going on at that date and that is something I'm looking very forward to!!!"

ILOVETECHNO: What do you do before you go on stage ?
Len Faki:  "Actually it has become my new habit to carry around a pack of blank cd's  because recently, it always seems to be the case that I have to burn very urgently one specific track that I want to play at  the gig and I never seem to find the time doing that earlier. May sound a bit inconvenient but I actually do like it. My justification for myself is that with a usb stick I would have way too many tracks which I wouldn't play in the end... aaahh that is convincing, isn't it ; )?"

ILOVETECHNO: What are you doing at I Love Techno this year?
Len Faki: "That as I'm expected: spreading the feeling...I Love Techno!"

ILOVETECHNO: Who else are you looking forward to seeing at I Love Techno?
Len Faki: "I'm very excited about the live shows of Flying Lotus and Boys Noize. I'm sure it's going to be amazing! Not to forget the red room which promises constant satisfaction : )"

ILOVETECHNO: What is your favourite techno track of all time?
Len Faki: "M5 will always have a dear place in my heart!!!"

ILOVETECHNO: What do you love about the I Love Techno festival? How does it compare to other festivals?
Len Faki: "It's  now my 4th time at ILT and besides from feeling more and more at home the whole production of the event is just super high class! I think it's fantastic that this enthusiastic audience really gets the best possible for their  fee and that the organisation takes care of the little details as well. People really appreciate that and don't take it for granted! Being there is simply always a blast and for me one of my favourite events!"

ILOVETECHNO: Best I Love Techno memory?
Len Faki: "As I recall it must have been 2006 -  my first time at ILT. Naturally I was super excited and nervous but on top of it I was the opening set! But when I was on stage it was all gone, only chills and goose bumps all over me - the crowd was incredible. They were on fire!!!  And we had a time! Love thinking of it! What a wonderful memory!"

ILOVETECHNO: What are your big tracks at the moment?
Len Faki: "I did a few new interpretations of some techno tracks from the 90's which was an important time to me.  Those tracks rock like hell on the floor at the moment!"

ILOVETECHNO: Do you have any favourite new artists to look out for?
Len Faki: "Tracks by truncate, markus suckut, shifted and psyk are very exciting to me and hit my nerve. Raw, rough tracks that are so much fun to play!"

ILOVETECHNO: What else have you got going on?
Len Faki: "I just finished my remix for adam beyer & alan fitzpatrick at drumcode  and right now I'm about to produce volume 2 for my new "dj-edits" series on my figure label."

ILOVETECHNO: What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the word "Belgium"?
Len Faki: "Mhhhh...Time for having real french fries and afterwards chocolate fondue. Yummy!!!"

ILOVETECHNO: What is techno, to you?
Len Faki: "The opposite of mainstream, a unique lifestyle, honesty, berghain."


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