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The Do LaB have become the undisputed masters in building interactive environments combining large-scale installations and cutting-edge lighting design. Together, they have turned production into an art form experience.

For six years The Do LaB has been striving to create new and inspiring installations but, for brothers Jesse, Josh and Dede Flemming, founders of The Do LaB, they have been finding new ways to entertain and wow people since childhood. Now with a strong team of artists, producers and creators behind them, they are able and excited to share their projects with people around the globe. The company takes an organic approach to everything they design and create using natural materials, found objects and sustainable resources.

Watch the above video as GlobalGathering managed to catch up with the Do LaB guys as they worked on site and talked about the ideas behind their creations, their tastes in music and even some of their favourite dance moves.

Check out The Do LaB on this site by clicking here

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