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Tours taking in every continent have been a major feature of Fedde?s

career. North America, South, Australasia and the Far East, Europe ?

nations have capitulated under his mastery of beats and his sheer

presence on the dance floor.

Whether it?s as the uplifting Fedde le Grand playing in front of tens of thousands in A-list venues and stadium arenas, or stripped back and bare as F.L.G. in more intimate surroundings, the le Grand express shows absolutely no signs of slowing down ? if anything the momentum is gaining. 2009 saw him put the proverbial cherry on the cake with a dominant season in Ibiza as lord of the world?s most famous venue Pacha Ibiza, heralding a new era of party hedonism with his flagship event Fedde le Grand presents Flamingo Nights: New Life.

There aren?t many artists who can top that ? of course Fedde being the exception to almost every rule, there is always yet more to come.

Fedde has very kindly offered to talk to the GlobalGathering faithlful tonight over Twitter. All you need to do to ask Fedde a question is use the hashtag #askfeddeGG10 so for instance your question could look something like this:

@djfeddelegrand Did you always want to be a DJ? #askfeddeGG10

Get it? Got it? Good. Fedde will be online from 6.30-7.30pm UK time on Thursday so get your questions ready and your fingers on the buzzers folks!
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